Terms & Conditions

These are the general terms and conditions, hereinafter referred to as “terms”, of the independent legal entity Chalet White Eden and having its office at Lavérune. When used within these terms the following expressions are to be understood as follows:

  • Chalet White Eden provides the products bed and breakfast- and half-board rooms and self-catered apartments, hereinafter referred to as “accommodation”, available and wishes to let the accommodation to members of the general public;
  • The client is the person who requires, accepts and agrees to the rental of the accommodation. The client has to be minimum 18 years of age, or is required to be another legal entity who by law is allowed to enter into the agreement not just for him- her-/itself but also on behalf of all participants in the party he/she/it represents, whereby by entering into the agreement it is also understood that each individual member of the said party will also accept and fulfill his/her/its private liability and obligations under the execution of these terms;
  • The agreement forms the basis of matters agreed by Chalet White Eden and the client, whereby Chalet White Eden is obliged to provide the client with the agreed accommodation and possible extra facilities and/or services (as confirmed in writing in advance), such as meals or excursions and the client confirms duly settlement without any delay of all his/her/its obligations towards Chalet White Eden.

The agreement is entered into the moment the client forwards his/her/its request to rent the accommodation to Chalet White Eden and by doing so the client declares to have read, understood and accepted these terms.

1. Bookings
Chalet White Eden only accepts a booking from a client who at the time of booking is minimum 18 years of age. At all times Chalet White Eden reserves the right to refuse a booking without any obligation whatsoever. Subject to availability Chalet White Eden will send the client its invoice/confirmation within 10 working days from receipt of the booking. Immediately upon receipt, you should check all the information on the invoice/confirmation is correct. Any error or query should be directed in writing at Chalet White Eden within 10 days from the date of the invoice/confirmation and in any case prior to arrival at the accommodation.

If you have not received the invoice/confirmation within 10 working days from the date of your booking, please contact Chalet White Eden directly by email or by phone.

E-mail: info@chaletwhiteeden.com
Tel: +33(0)476 79 11 80

2. Bookings in the long term
If you book accommodation for a period for which the charges are not yet known, you will receive written confirmation within 10 working days. Chalet White Eden will charge an initial deposit of € 250 per booking. Upon receipt of the invoice/confirmation stating the actual applicable prices you have 14 days from the date of this invoice/confirmation to cancel your booking in writing free of charge. In such an event a full refund of the initial deposit is granted.

3. Group bookings
Bookings for groups such as clubs, schools, companies and organizations should be directed at Chalet White Eden: Telephone: +33 (0)476 79 11 80 or by email on reservations@chaletwhiteeden.com. Group booking can be accepted subject to special conditions, such as but not limited hereto supervision of the group, location of the accommodation reserved for the group, whilst objectives or consistence of a group can be taken into consideration to refuse the booking.

4. Prices
Prices published in brochures and/or on www.chaletwhiteeden.com are non committal, Chalet White Eden reserves the right to change these prices. When booking, you will be notified of the price valid at that moment. The price indicated on the invoice/confirmation is legally binding. Once the invoice/confirmation has been sent discounts and/or special offers can not be applied.

5. Tourist Taxes and Levies
Prices for the accommodation are exclusive of tourist taxes and levies, which are subject to charges implemented by local authorities. To determine the charges due for the number of persons staying at the accommodation during the period for which the booking was made, the maximum number of persons having stayed at the accommodation for at least one night during that period will be applicable. At the moment there are no tourist taxes and/or levies subjected to charges implemented by local authorities in.

6. Special requests
If you have any special requests, for instance request for a cot or baby chair or diets, etc. you are obliged to notify Chalet White Eden prior to the date of your arrival at the accommodation. Although every effort will be made to comply with any such request on a first come, first serve basis, Chalet White Eden is not obliged to grant any such request. Whether or not and if so, to which extend any such requests is granted, is at the sole discretion of Chalet White Eden.

7. Payment
a) Automatic at the time of booking or in any event within 7 days from the date of your invoice/confirmation you should have settled the deposit due of 30% of the total charges of the booking. The outstanding balance must be received in full in the account of Chalet White Eden at least 6 weeks prior to the date of arrival at the accommodation.
b) Bookings made within 4 weeks prior to the date of arrival at the accommodation the total charges due for the booking should be settled by credit card authorisation or electronic bank transfer into the account of Chalet White Eden.
c) Late or insufficient settlement of the amount due means the client is in neglect of his obligations and in such event Chalet White Eden is entitled to cancel the agreement with immediate effect by sending the client written notification. The client is liable for all damages occurred to- or suffered by Chalet White Eden in the future as a result of such a cancellation. In any event but not limited hereto the client is liable for the cancellation charges as detailed under Clause 10 of these terms. The cancellation fee together with any outstanding fees for other damages suffered by Chalet White Eden will be deducted from the amount already settled by the client.
If no or insufficient payment has been made, the total amount due will be charged to the client, who will be held liable for settlement in full. Any of the charges due as determined under sub a, b and c should be settled within 14 days from the date of invoice.

8. Changes and extra charges
If you wish to make any changes once the booking has been confirmed, Chalet White Eden is not obliged to comply with any such request. Whether or not and if so, to which extent any such changes are accepted, is at the sole discretion of Chalet White Eden.
A fee of € 25 will be charged for each and every accepted change. This fee will be waived if the total charges for the booking after the change (not considering the change fees) exceeds the amount of the original booking. In principle changes can not be accepted within 6 weeks prior to the date of arrival at the accommodation. If you change to a less expensive period or accommodation or cancel part of your booking within 6 weeks prior to the date of arrival at the accommodation, you are required to settle the full amount due for the booking. In any event once you have forwarded you booking request to Chalet White Eden the cancellation fees as detailed in Clause 10 of these terms will apply.

9. Cancellations
When booking you are advised to take out cancellation and travel insurance. Chalet White Eden should always be notified in writing about any cancellation. In the event of a cancellation the following charges apply:

  • Cancellation prior to 92 days from the date of arrival at the accommodation : 0%.
  • Cancellation within 92 days to 42 days prior to the date of arrival at the accommodation : 30% of the total amount due for the reservation.
  • Cancellation within 42 days to 28 days prior to the date of arrival at the accommodation : 50% of the total amount due for the reservation.
  • Cancellation within 28 days to 7 days prior to the date of arrival at the accommodation : 75% of the total amount due for the reservation.
  • Cancellation within 7 days prior to the date of arrival at the accommodation: 100% of the total amount due for the reservation.

10. House rules
In order to make your stay with Chalet White Eden as pleasant and comfortable as possible, not just for yourselves but for all our guests, it is expected from everyone to obey the house rules, which in general are the standard applicable norms and values, but if so required will be supplemented by any specific rules as those implemented by Chalet White Eden and/or its staff.
Any infringement of the house rules might lead to removal from the accommodation without any refund of the rent or proportional part thereof. Chalet White Eden reserves the right to change the set-up and/or opening hours of (central) facilities. We also bring to your attention the fact that maintenance work may need to be carried out at the accommodation during your stay, which does not automatically entitle you to any compensation whatsoever.

11. Force majeure
If Chalet White Eden is unable to deliver its part of the agreement in full or in part, whether in permanent or temporary nature, due to circumstances beyond its intention and influence, including but not limited hereto a warning for- or danger of (civil) war, strikes, blockades, fire, and/or any other circumstances beyond the control of Chalet White Eden this will be regarded as force majeure on the part of Chalet White Eden and no refund in full or in part of any amount settled by the client will be due.

12. Liability
a) Chalet White Eden does not accept any liability in any of the following events or circumstances:
• theft or loss or damages whatsoever during your stay at the accommodation or as a consequence thereof;
• breakdown or disconnection of technical equipment and the lack or closure of services.
b) The client and members of his/her/its party, each one individually as well as a group, is (are) liable for all losses and/or damages which may arise for Chalet White Eden and/or any third party as direct or indirect result of their stay, regardless whether this was caused by their own action or neglect or by third parties present by consent of the client and/or any of the members of his/her/its party in accommodation let to the client and/or on the grounds where the accommodation is situated.
c) The client is liable to pay all extra charges incurred by Chalet White Eden as a result of incorrect use of the accommodation and/or its inventory and/or leaving the accommodation in a worse condition other than it was found upon arrival.

13. Natural disaster, Civil Liability and Insolvency
Matters and/or circumstances as not mentioned in the clauses 12 and 13 of these terms and conditions and the indemnity of insolvency will be settled between Chalet White Eden and the client(s) under the regulation in accordance the ‘Multi-Risque’ contract as agreed and signed for approval between the legitimate parties of Agence Generali Jouvencel-Piercy Assurances, having its office at 1e Lot. Les Ecrins, Le Mas du Plan, 38520 Le Bourg d’Oisans and Chalet White Eden having its office at Lavérune.

14. Complaints and Jurisdiction
Despite all due care taken by Chalet White Eden, you may still have a legitimate complaint. Please report any such complaint direct to the management of Chalet White Eden at the destination, in order to provide us with the opportunity to resolve this immediately.
If remedy of the complaint is not to your satisfaction, you should submit the complaint in writing to the direction of Chalet White Eden within 1 month after the date you have left the accommodation.

15. Publicity and Photos
If either a client and/or any person(s) accompanying him/her, whether or not being a member of his/her/its party staying at the accommodation or being present by his/her invitation at the time when the photograph was taken, appear(s) in the photograph, whether or not he/she can be recognized, and which at any time hereafter is then displayed in a Chalet White Eden publication, it is presumed mutual consent exists as a result of his/her stay.

16. In general
These terms apply to all bookings for Chalet White Eden whether the booking was made directly or indirectly. All our publications are subject to changes. Any mistakes, intentionally or unintentionally, in any publication are not legally binding for Chalet White Eden. With this publication all previously published terms are voided.

Privacy statement
If you are active on our website, for instance you book accommodation, then we will use your details to proceed with your request. Hence the information you have provided to us will be stored in our data base. If this information also entails details of other persons in your party, it is regarded you have obtained their prior consent. The data base is used for marketing, data validation and business relation purposes of Chalet White Eden and its carefully selected partners. At any time you have the right to request a copy of your personal details in the data base, or request the update of your personal details in the data base, or request the removal of your personal details from the data base. In order to be able to send you information, travel documents and for the performance of market research, marketing strategy and product development Chalet White Eden sub contracts professional strategic partners to whom it might provide your personal details in order to execute these tasks.

If you have not actively visited our website, you are an anonymous visitor. In such an event Chalet White Eden is not interested in your personal identity. Nevertheless Chalet White Eden is still interested to obtain information on the type of browser that is used to visit our site so that facilities and functionality are adjusted to the needs of our visitors.

Legal restrictions
Chalet White Eden has taken every possible precaution in the design of its website, but can not guarantee that its contents is constantly correct and/or complete. Chalet White Eden does not accept any liability for any damages whatsoever and howsoever caused by irregularities and/or incomplete information on its website.

When you have made your booking actively on our website, you have the right to cancel your booking free of charge and without any further obligation within 10 days from the date following the date on which you forwarded your internet booking to Chalet White Eden by sending your written cancellation to Chalet White Eden subject to the fact that this period of 10 days or part hereof is not within the period of 42 days prior to your arrival date in the accommodation. In such an event normal cancellation conditions and charges, as detailed under Clause 9 of the general terms and conditions of Chalet White Eden, will apply.