What makes us different

Chalete White Eden is not a product, not an artificial creation set up for the tourist, but something real and alive. Which develops and changes time after time, with passion and lots of effort. Our beautiful retreats are place’s like no other, a one-of-a-kind setting to enjoy a laugh with a local mountain guide, an enlightening conversation with fellow travellers, colleagues & friends or just by feeling the joy of profound silence. We aim to create a hospitality atmosphere by which our guests get inspired and are able to quiet their daily life by activating their senses and sense of Wonder.


Get out of your office and come into nature. When we visit the beach, mountains or the sweeping fields of gold and green, cypress trees and vineyards, it reminds us that we are but a small part of a very rich and expansive world. A bonus side effect of our boutique hotels is the calming aspect of their exceptional locations. Places where feelings and emotions are the most important side of what we offer.

Expand Your Sense of Wonder<.h4>
Hopefully every experience at Small Wonders evokes pleasure and wonder. Retreats and lectures organized by friends and tinkers. Concerts by musicians and singers. Extended Sunday lunches & Signature Events. Innovative farm-to-table cuisine paired with legendary wines of the region. All set against the backdrop of a quintessential landscape, lush gardens, lingering green spaces and even swimming pool(s) perfect for reading and reflection.


Chalet White Eden staff is cheerful, appreciate the value of building relationships with their costumers and share their knowledge of hidden local treasures. Every guest is treated like a visiting friend. A HOME where we invite you to experience the same love for heritage that guided us.

Local knowledge

You can trust us to know what we are talking about. Nine months per year, our operational teams spend their time in the field, learning more about their specialist regions and discovering the gems that add that intangible sparkle to your holiday.

Farm to table

Chalet White Eden is fueling a mission and responsibility to be a good steward of the earth and genuine concern for the health and well-being of our guest. Together with the slow-food organization of Carlo Petrini (slowfood.com) Chalet White Eden has planned an ambitious agenda for 2020-2021. Especially recruited staff is designing bountiful gardens, partnering with local farms and slow meat producers to continue bringing the finest and freshest ingredients to the tables of our restaurants

Specialist holiday consultants

It all starts with a phone call. Our two holiday consultants, well-known by our returning guests, will take the time to listen and understand what you’re looking for. Then they start to craft your holiday around your interests, preferences and budget. We believe in value. You will not pay over the odds and our quality of service and expertise makes our value for money hard to beat.


Chalet White Eden is doing its utmost to anticipate on the current (professional) guest needs of a personalized and flexible service, a genuine customer interaction and our guest wish to enjoy a home away from home hotel experience exceeding their expectations.


Our guests can reach our sales & service team 7 days a week either by phone, e-mail or through our live chat on the Chalet White Eden website.