Our Philosophy

‘We believe that being different is not an engineered process, more a natural way of doing things, a thought path that leads to the creation of intimate hotels that go beyond just a stay; they are cast just for their location and are the creations of our team who dared to dream beyond the hotel cookie box’.

Chalet White Eden is not a product, not an artificial creation set up for the tourist, but something real and alive. Which develops and changes time after time, with passion and lots of effort. In the coming years, we will further develop our business model towards what we love to do; offering you intimate retreats, creating unique business & holiday packages and extending your sense of wonder(s) by our signature events.

In the meantime, we strive to transform your holiday in a memorable experience by our attention to your wellness, our close relationship to mother nature and our generous spirit of hospitality.


Wellness is happiness! It’s being around nature & great company, clean air, delicious food, having a chance to nourish your spirit and yourself so that you’re fuelled to do everything else that you want to do. Small wonders provides you the place & intimacy to take care of yourself, to be by yourself and to really give yourself space and freedom to be with friends and family.

Our beautiful retreats are places like no other, a one-of-a-kind setting to enjoy organic, healthy food, an enlightening conversation with fellow travellers, colleagues & friends or to experience one of our (tailor-made) personal development short breaks. We aim to create an abundance of well-being by which our guests get inspired and are able to quiet their daily life by activating their senses and sense of Wonder. An unique hospitality atmosphere whereby our guests feel reconnected to the essential.


Nature is what creates balance in our world. The Mont Pourri in the Espace Killy, the Toscan sun set or the 300 year old trees of Domaine de Biar continues to inspire daily. Nature reminds us that there is constant creation and regeneration that comes with the cycle of life. Nature is the reason why we have resources to live by, as well as being the foundation to everything that encompasses our world. It is too beautiful not to be respected. Take off your shoes, sink your toes into the green grass and you be the judge… in touch with nature we are all at peace.

Therefore we would like to invite to get out of your office and come into nature. When we visit the beach, mountains or the sweeping fields of gold and green, cypress trees and vineyards, it reminds us that we are but a small part of a very rich and expansive world. A (big) bonus side effect of our boutique hotels is the calming aspect of their exceptional locations. Places where nature, feelings and emotions are the most important side of what we offer


Generosity is what keeps us running! At the core of any meaningful life and legacy has to be a vision for generosity, an understanding of what it means to be a blessing for others i.e. our guests. We give more than is asked and do more than we thought we could. This is what transforms your holiday or retreat from ordinary to extraordinary, from usual to joyful and alive. Our generous service comes naturally and has as result our attention to detail, our dedication to pureness and authenticity and our determination to create a homely and relaxing atmosphere.

Next to our generous state of mind, we do have got the standpoint that the key to our future is to continue to work towards customer satisfaction. We will never stop working on the improvement of our facilities and train our team to be perfectly attentive to your needs. We have the mentality to be happy by seeing our guests benefitting from our generosity.

Look forward to see you soon, you will be welcomed as a dear friend!